Monday 22 July 2024

Eartraining I.
Ear training on your mobile phone?!

Eartraining I is an ear training application that runs on your mobile phone. We are proud to say that this is the first software of it's kind in the world.

All the results are saved in the statistics page. This page, or parts of it, can be e-maiied directly from your mobile phone to any e-mailaddress.



Free Ear training software for mobile phones.

Void Note™ Eartraining I. An ear training software application that runs on your mobile phone.

Void Note™ is a producer of music theory material. We have published three books in music theory, (at present only in Swedish) and now we introduce an ear training software in English: Eartraining I. The software includes exercises in scales, intervals and chords. It has a counter (we call it a correct-o-meter), a ranking list, statistics, time bonus and a feature that makes it possible to E-mail your statistics and scores to a friend or your teacher. You can choose from 22 different instrument sounds and 5 different tempos.

You can now download Eartraining I for free at!