Monday 22 July 2024

One document on Eartraining I

A complete user guide of all the exercises and all the different menus you can find here. It's in PDF-format with scores and sounds!?. This document alone is used by music teachers all over the world. Nothing we intended but since it free to download, go ahead and take a look.


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Peter Mikkola


Ear training with Eartraining I software (Free)

Easiest way to practice ear training. With Eartraining I on your mobile phone!

A J2ME ear training application for mobile phones.

One big advantage with Eartraining I is that you always have access to it. Your mobile phone is always at hand. You do not have to have access to a computer to practice ear training. Therefore it's no big deal to practice. As soon as you have a moment to spear you can play a session with say 50 questions. It only takes a couple of minutes. It's better to practice several short sessions than one long session. It is harder to concentrate over a long period of time.

When we say shorter sessions we must confess that some people have a very competitive mind which makes them hard to stop once they have started. We know from students, teachers and colleagues that they have missed classes, important meetings and dinners due to Eartraining I. And that is because Eartraining I is developed as a game with all the attributes that a game has: